Providing Affordable Housing in the Pikes Peak Region

Performance Measures

The Colorado Springs Housing Authority (CSHA) is held to strict compliance and performance standards in the operation of our housing programs. Several of the most important indicators that are used to evaluate the CSHA are listed below:

PHAS (Public Housing Assessment System) measures the performance of a Housing Authority in the operation of the Public Housing Program. For the fiscal year 2015, the CSHA achieved a score of 94 (out of 100 points).

SEMAP (Section Eight Management Assessment Program) measures the performance of a Housing Authority that administers the Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8) in 14 key areas. For the fiscal year 2016, the CSHA achieved a score of 97%.
The CSHA utilized 98.6% of the total capacity for vouchers in 2016.

REAC (Real Estate Assessment Center) is the inspection process used in assessing the physical condition of properties in the Public Housing Program. The primary purpose of conducting inspections is to insure properties are maintained to HUD quality standards. Inspection scores for 2016 averaged 86% (out of 100 points).

Annual Audit: For the fiscal year 2015, the CSHA received an "unmodified clean" audit report, meaning there were no audit findings and that the CSHA is considered a "low-risk" for concerns.

Occupancy: The CSHA is required to maintain certain levels of tenant occupancy in our units to meet optimum standards. For fiscal year 2016, the occupancy rate in the Public Housing Program was 99%. The occupancy rate in non-public housing programs was 98%. These rates are higher than the market as a whole and indicate strong performance.

** Performance Measures data updated yearly